Workshops are a great way to learn new technique, refresh stale motivation, and to gain a new discipline. Most painting workshops are in watercolor medium for reasons of  dry time and clean up ease.  Being  primarily an oil painter, I have applied many approaches and techniques that I have gleemed from such workshops. I attended Frank Francese’s class in Boone NC last month and was stripped down and rebuilt in 5 days!

Francese workshop day 4 ” Home Port” watercolor

You can clearly see the fresh and loose feel of the watercolor compared to the tight control of my oil painting. It’s good to get jiggy with it;)

"Greek Isle" Oil

“Greek Isle” Oil

I encourage all painters of all levels to sign up for a workshop!  You will get more out of it than you realize, not to mention have a lot of fun!   As an art teacher (private lessons only) I am a stronger and wiser instructor. I can certainly offer my students more.


Happy painting