Whitney has been an artist most of her life. She won her 1st art competition in the 4th grade (she still has the little ribbon), and is now collected around the world. She was born in 1967 in Maryland, but has also lived in New York, Missouri, Hawaii, and New Zealand. She now resides in Roanoke, Virginia.

About whitney

Whitney attended Virginia Commonwealth University Art School, but feels her actual foundation for art is self-taught. Through honing her draftsmanship she has won many prestigious awards nationally and has been featured in International Artist magazine twice. In addition to having two pieces acquired by the Carilion Medical Center’s public collection, Whitney’s paintings are in many private collections worldwide. 

About whitney

Teaching privately keeps Whitney in touch with art academia, and writing a column for the RLA gives her an opportunity to serve others. Her support for the art community is evident in her involvement with Oil Painters of America, International Guild Of Realism and the Portrait Society Of America. She is currently represented by LinDor Arts, The Little Gallery in Roanoke, VA and Stellers Gallery in Jacksonville, FL.

About whitney

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Whitney is available for commission work. She also offers private coaching to aspiring artists. Inquire here regarding the purchase of her artwork.

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I have a deep love for painting river rocks and shells. The soothing quality of the images brings a peacefulness and a sense of therapy to my soul while I am painting. I want these large scale paintings to be experiential.

In the past couple of years I have become very interested in depicting the figure and practicing the art of the portrait. There are many challenges on this new path, but I am super jazzed to able to tell stories and present ideas. I am after mastery.
Never stop learning!

I have so many heroes, here are just a few currently: Cesar Santos, Joshua LaRock, Norman Rockwell and Vermeer, of course! I study each of these gods in great depth and am seeing signs of my hard work paying off in my latest pieces.
   Always keep improving!

In the midst of a world going crazy, I had some people reach out to talk about struggles and negative thoughts they were having about their art. I started to really dial in on this and did some research which lead me to the Creativity Coaching Association and the next thing I knew I was all in! I will be a certified Creativity Coach this year if for no other reason than to coach myself! Thank you Dr. Eric Maisel