“Church” oil on canvas 20″x20″

Hello everyone, meet Jordan!   This is the third painting I have completed of this very special and talented young lady. She was a student of mine a few years ago, and has since graduated form art school and has moved on to do great things. I was fortunate enough to be able to hire her for a day to capture many shots of poses and situations that I was interested in painting.  My ideas for these designs were somewhat specific and required several wardrobe changes and location moves, but at the end of the day, I had 5 -8 shots out of 650 that had strong potential for becoming really good paintings! My goal was to be able to control the story that I was telling, and to convincingly portray the narrative. Photography skills are a plus when hiring a model but not at a professional level by any means, and besides, phones are making pros out of us all.  “People” are not my category of choice necessarily, I enjoy landscape and still life as well and my true love – river rocks, but I highly recommend  at least thinking about grabbing a friend to experiment with a few poses that you can then do a couple studies from.  This exercise may lead to more refined ideas.  Happy painting 🙂