My new YouTube channel has been LAUNCHED!

My YouTube channels has been officially launched! ¬†Publishing on YouTube is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community that has been a constant source of information for me. Understanding how it all works is quite the study, but if I can shed light on a new technique or idea to just one person interested in art and painting, then it worth doing! ¬†Planning episodes is proving to take much organization and forethought, its not just painting at my easel anymore, it’s remembering to hit the record button! It’s scary to put yourself out there being an artist as it is, but YouTube dangles you just a little further out from the ledge. Some are not sure about the subscribe button, but as a subscriber of many channels, it is not just a way to be notified of new posts, but it can simply just be supportive. A big THANKS to those that show their support!