Whitney Brock is an award winning fine artist based in Roanoke, Virginia. Her major bodies of work consist of large scale oils of river rocks and shells, and a series in figurative paintings that boarder on representational.

Whitney has been featured in International Artist Magazine issues 55 and 75. In between painting and teaching, she enjoys spending time with family and her husband of 30 years, John. 


Whitney began her journey as an artist in New Zealand, where she was immersed in a liberal arts-focused education at an early age. She credits her experience in Auckland over a three-year period as the inspiration for her major life work.

Soon after, in 1987, she attended Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts. Her studies were becoming well-rounded at this point, with the melding of the conservative, natural approach to painting in New Zealand, and the more conceptually driven approach to art at VCU. Both extremes contributed to the art she produces today, as well as the disciplined work she undertook during 15 years of mural painting.

The journey

Whitney was fortunate to study under Stephen Quiller, John Lovett, and Patric Whelan. A few of her greatest influences are Norman Rockwell and Vermeer, and she is currently studying Andrew Tischler.