What is Creativity Coaching?

Creativity Coaching is life coaching for creatives. Creativity is at an all-time low globally,  while anxiety and depression are at all-time highs. My work focuses on helping clients by optimizing motivation, mindset, health and meaning-making. Together, we build a structured plan that promotes confidence, productivity, purpose and success. A creative life deserves - and usually needs - this kind of support and nurturing to reach its highest potential. I can provide the tools and guidance necessary to help clients achieve their highest goals.

gain personal insight and awareness that will allow for clarity, breakthroughs, and big leaps forward in an everso fast-paced world.

By getting the right support and finding the right environment to get you pumped.

build confidence

Time is of the essence, so making it is everything. Let's make sure your best self will show up.

navigate time management

Productivity starts with how you feel. You feel the way you eat. Energy makes energy and the mind needs energy. Let's pull it all together.

optimize health & mindset

A tidy surrounding promotes a tidy mind. Let's get you efficient and highly functional.

organize for success

We will look strait in the mirror and identify with the authentic creator that we see. Find out who you really are.

promote honesty

together we will

"Working with Whitney has been a game-changer for my art career. Her creative coaching has not only helped me unlock new levels of creativity but has also provided invaluable guidance on navigating the art industry. With Whitney’s support, I’ve refined my artistic vision, honed my skills, and gained the confidence to pursue opportunities I never thought possible. Her personalized approach and insightful feedback have been instrumental in shaping my artistic journey, and I’m incredibly grateful for her mentorship.”

M. Ruslander


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