opening night

Opening night for my new exhibit, Classical Nude with a Twist, earlier this month at LinDor Arts was amazing, to say the least!

The 8 months leading up to this moment were the most challenging of my entire life, with extreme goal setting each week and no time for failures... when I saw the entire collection framed and hung on the freshly painted wall, I was brought to tears of exhaustion.

Being surrounded by friends and family is always the best of times, but to have people I had never met take their time to attend the event and want to talk with me was an extraordinary feeling that left me full and humble.

An even better feeling came over me when I was told that 4 out of the 15 paintings in the collection had sold that night.

This project was inspired by my desire to paint the figure in the traditional style of the masters, only with a contemporary concept and to test the market for evidence of interest in figurative realism work.

I do love painting rocks and shells and may still produce them from time to time, but the exploration of the human figure has captured my focus and attention for now, and I am dialing in on many aspects still to learn.

Figurative art is a road less traveled by artists for sure; only about 3% of all artists strive to master the figure in the traditional painting process, and I feel a great responsibility to honor the masters by presenting work of the highest quality that I am able.

My modern day painter heros are Cesar Santos, Joshua LaRock and Shane Wolf (just to name a few), all of whom I study in great detail. 10,000 hours they say... Well, I plan on getting there!

W.C. Brock